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Tips For Composing A Patient Information Leaflet -Collaborating Clinic

Tips For Composing A Patient Information Leaflet -Collaborating Clinic

A patient information leaflet is a specialized information that helps patients to understand the genuine circumstance in regards to their condition. Giving them a well-structured leaflet is equivalent to giving them the comfort to understand themselves better. A well structured patient information leaflet can provide clarity to the patients about their prescriptions


Here are some accepted procedures when composing a patient information leaflet in Australia:

Use Easy To Understand Language:

Composing your patient information in a simple language can make patients read and comprehend the things you are willing to convey through the leaflet.

Make sure the words that you use are quite easy to understand and aren’t difficult for your customers to read. You may use several examples to convey your message.

Simple Design

You must understand the client and the particulars that they might have. If the customer is aged, you should use large font texts so that they may see the text and information with utmost clarity.

Additionally, do not complicate the design of the leaflet with irrelevant diagrams or structures. 

Try being a minimalist designer and try conveying the message without confusing the reader. 

Use Appropriate Colour Combination

The combination of the colour tones is a significant instrument to guarantee the readability of the content for clients and make it easier to understand the prescription slip and its associated features. Let the colour combination gel with the kind of information you are providing. For instance, you may opt for bright colours and earthy or formal tones for grown-ups. You may use tools like Adobe Colour to decide the colour theme for the entire patient information leaflet. 

Host Pamphlets Digitally

It is advisable to minimise the paper consumption on the leaflets via hosting them on some app and making them available for the users to consume. Collaborating Clinics is one such application that provides easy hosting of patient information leaflets in Australia. The brand helps with easy management of the leaflets which are often lost by the patients. With this initiative, a medical authority can simply host the pamphlet and make it accessible for various individuals within no time.