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CollaboratED: Document Manager & Distributor For Healthcare Profession

CollaboratED: Document Manager & Distributor For Healthcare Profession

The importance of the management of health records in a healthcare organisation cannot be denied. There’s a lot of research that takes place in healthcare institutions that must be preserved at any cost. Other medical records comprise patients’ history, operative care, patients’ progress, medication details, and results from multiple diagnoses.

It must be clear that these records aren’t merely some words jotted on paper. This data is very much meaningful and helps simplify things for patients as well as physicians. The proper management of these records helps healthcare professionals to analyse the accuracy of a given medical plan. For the patients, it can be a life saviour or allow them to make critical health decisions.

The management and distribution are crucial in other aspects of health care as well. For instance, a receipt showcasing payment details from a medical store can be sent in the form of a document or PDF, which can be further preserved for future use.

CollaboratED is an application specially designed, keeping in mind the issues with the management and distribution of health records all across Australia. Healthcare professionals can establish effective interaction with patients by managing all these records in a digital form. Additionally, the sender’s identity is protected, avoiding possible spams on personal accounts and other privacy-related issues.