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Why Prefer Digital Patient Information Leaflets? - Collabrating Clinic

Why Prefer Digital Patient Information Leaflets? - Collabrating Clinic


Patient information leaflets, or PILs, are a great way of informing patients about the medication they're prescribed. However, these can be time-consuming to produce and often contain too much detail for readers to absorb. This is where digitising patient information leaflets come in handy! Digitising your PILs not only saves on printing costs but will also allow you to make them more concise by including links that direct users to other relevant resources such as YouTube videos or FAQs. And with our new feature 'PIL Assistant', it's easier than ever before! 

Patient leaflets are an important tool for helping patients understand their condition and treatment options. They are also a vital part of online patient engagement, as they provide crucial information to the patient through their smartphone or tablet device.

What are the benefits of using digital patient information leaflets?

1. Digital patient information leaflets are available in a variety of languages

2. They can be customized for different types of patients, such as children or the elderly

3. The digital format makes them more accessible and easier to read

4. They're environmentally friendly because they don't use paper resources

5. You can include videos, images, and links within the document to make it interactive 

6. It's easy to update content with just a few clicks

There are so many benefits to using digital patient information leaflets for your patients. From being cost-effective, environmentally friendly and easy to update with the latest research findings, it seems like a no brainer! We can help you market a professional-looking leaflet that will get people excited about what they need to know when they visit us at Collaborating Clinics. Reach out today if you want one of our team members on hand as soon as possible or alternatively get started yourself by visiting