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Healthcare Leaflets In Australia — Optimising Healthcare

Healthcare Leaflets In Australia — Optimising Healthcare


Some medications require you to take the entire pack or course of the antibiotic as prescribed by your doctor. Some medicines have healthcare leaflets for use on the package, including printed instructions on the package insert. You can take some medications long-term, while others can only be taken for a few days at a time.    

Ask your pharmacist or doctor to explain the instructions to you if you do not understand or are not sure how to take or use the medicine. If you are taking prescription medicine for a purpose that is discussed with your doctor, never share it with other people.    

 The healthcare leaflets in Australia structure for phastructure pharmaceutical care in the European Union is determined by a regulatory proposal requiring a fixed sequence of pre-formulated headings and subheadings. For this reason, it can be difficult and confusing to identify the information required when, for example, colour is the only element used to distinguish information from patient implantation cards, This has changed as a result of regulations and the introduction of healthcare leaflets in Australia templates. For example, the template is produced by a committee within the European Medicines Agency - Quality Review Document Group (also known as QRD).

In 2011, Med Info introduced colour images of medicines as a standard part of the information available. The group of information on drug ingredients, packaging and storage was grouped with usage information (don't use, watch for side effects, contact your doctor, drive safely, use machines, pregnancy and breastfeeding, etc.)    

It was found that 97% of the patients surveyed had better information about the side effects of drugs and their disease The section on adverse reactions was read by 11% and 15% of first and repeat offenders respectively and indicated that they would take action based on the patient information brochure.

The EU template for patient information on medicinal products has been compared with its US and Australian counterparts. The template starts with the identification of the drug and ends with the manufacturer's information. The instructions tell you how much you are taking, what you are taking and how long you should take your medication.    

You must read healthcare leaflets before you start taking any medication, as it contains important information for you. The batch number and the name of the supplier are used to identify the medicine and any problems with it. Information about your medication will help you make the most of it and know if you missed a dose.