Digital delivery of your Patient Information Leaflets

CollaboratED is a mobile application that allows your institution, and its employees, access to all their leaflets in one secure digital location.

Deliver your leaflets through text or email without worrying about patient gaining access to confidential contact details.

Minimise the burden on our environment as well as reduce contact risk by delivering the same documents without the paper.

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Our Services

Store all your PDF information leaflets on the app.

Administrator control over available leaflets for distribution.

Administrator control over staff members with access to CollaboratED.

Safe and secure with no patient data collected or stored.

Australian based server and all Australian Privacy principles adhered to.

Available on Apple store, Play store and on the web.

Unlimited distribution of leaflets.

Surely there had to be a better way?

At Collaborating Clinics™ we have created CollaboratED, an app designed to make this process easier, safer and more time efficient.



Free Trial

Monthly Subscription $6.99

Annual Subscription $59.99

This subscription includes the ability to add 5 leaflet distributors and 10 Patient information leaflets that can be distributed as much as you require!

Leaflets and distributors are interchangeable and can be added or removed as often as needed.

In order to ensure all your staff gets access to all your leaflets you can add further distributors and information leaflets from as low as $2 each through the app or online.

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